Why Work With a Lender That Table Funds?

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Why Work With a Lender That Table Funds?

Trust is at the center of any lending relationship. Investors don’t want to be seen as a potential paycheck, but as an important client whose interests come ahead of profits.

Interestingly, that’s one reason so many customers choose big banks for real estate lending. Well-known brands offer a sense of comfort and familiarity, especially for customers who already have bank accounts and other financial products through a big bank.

Yet bigger isn’t always better. Big banks have fewer loan programs, stricter underwriting standards, and less flexibility than independent lenders.

There’s no question that mortgage brokers and wholesale lenders have more to offer, especially to investors seeking short-term financing with quick turnarounds. But how can they compete with well-known brands and earn customers’ business?

Create a seamless lending experience with table funding

When customers go straight to a big bank for their lending needs, they leave money on the table. It’s not that borrowers don’t care about saving money. However, the lending process is complex. When customers grow overwhelmed or confused by the options, existing banking relationships feel like a safe haven.

To compete with the apparent simplicity of big bank lending, wholesale lenders need to create a seamless lending experience. Consumers don’t want to find a broker, compare quotes, then choose a lender only to get held up during underwriting. They want to work with one lender from start to finish.

That’s where table lending with TVC Funding comes in. Table lending simplifies the experience of working with a mortgage broker by letting you act as a direct lender. TVC Funding white labels products so you can offer a retail lending experience with all the advantages of wholesale lending. Your customers feel in control of the application process and you gain a reputation as a trusted lender.

How table funding with TVC Funding works

Table funding puts brokers in control of the customer relationship. Instead of passing borrowers off to outside lenders, your brand works closely with investors through the entire lending process. The result is fewer hiccups, faster payouts, and a stronger reputation for your brand.

In addition to eliminating the need to set up a fund or warehouse line, TVC Funding backs loans for our partners so you’re fully protected. You’ll also gain access to an online portal where you can upload documents and monitor loan status, so clients are never left in the dark.

How to become a TVC Funding partner

How can you position your brand as a direct lender with TVC Funding? Table funding partners must be properly licensed and own an established business in good standing. Additionally, a broker’s governing documents must align with the terms and conditions of the partnership. If the partnership violates terms found in your articles of incorporation or operating agreement, update these filings online at ZenBusiness.com before applying to partner with TVC Funding. This is also a good time to ask whether your brand identity reflects the full range of your services.

Brokers apply online to become an approved partner with TVC Funding. In addition to the standard Wholesale-Broker agreement, table funding partners must sign a supplemental agreement allowing TVC to fund in a counterparty’s name. Once approved, partners gain access to training programs, a dedicated support team, and a web-based partner interface. Partners can also take advantage of professional white label tools to incorporate your brand.

Do you want to learn more about partnering with TVC Funding or start the application process? Email us at tvc-bpa@templeviewcap.com or call 844-232-7878 to discover how you can become a direct lender by table funding with TVC funding.