Using White Label Marketing to Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness

As the business purpose lending market becomes increasingly competitive, it’s already given way to more options for borrowers and more value for broker services. Lenders are vying for the attention of investors looking to either enter the real estate investment business or continue growing an already established portfolio, making funding partners who can broker deals between investors and lenders more valuable than ever. As a result, white label marketing services have begun to transform how investment deals are being sourced.

For many brokers, particularly newer ones, white labeling is often considered a first step towards becoming a fully functioning, standalone mortgage manager. The option allows brokers to use their own branding and marketing when offering funding opportunities to clients, though those funds are being quietly backed by a large lender, or mortgage originator, behind closed doors.

Using white label services offers brokers the opportunity to build a consistent brand across the board – an important factor when considering this is an industry that certainly relies a great deal on excellent reputation and name association. Having such marketing tools presented at an affordable price to create strong brand awareness is an incredibly appealing avenue for brokers to take, one that encourages client acquisition and retention.

For lenders that offer white labeling services, this is yet another way to increase fundings by offering counterparties a funding outlet through a broker channel.

For brokers who opt for white labeling opportunities, it means a degree of independence from being associated with a large lending name or major bank. In many cases, clients often decide to work with brokers for that very reason, believing they won’t be dealing with the hassle and red tape of applying for and obtaining funding through a larger player. And if a broker has been using white label marketing to their advantage for a longer period of time whiles lowly building their client base, that brand awareness and reputation is likely to precede them.

Ultimately, white labeling offers brokers autonomy and full ownership of their own clients. Through this strategy, brokers can control the application process, as well as the customer service once a loan is funded. TVC Funding offers white label marketing to approved funding partners, allowing them to download and customize the tools to their brand once logged into Temple View’s TPO portal. For more information on how to become an approved partner or qualify for this service, contact TVC Funding today.