The Benefits of Partnering with TVC Funding and How We Ensure Our Partners’ Success

Much of today’s business dealings are deeply rooted in competition; this is especially true for the real estate industry, where everything from who an investor partners with to which property is worth going after makes a significant difference to their overall bottom line. As such, it’s no wonder that finding the right lending partner is one of the most critical decisions any investor can make. Finding the right lender is about successfully working with a company that offers insightful solutions, provides exceptional service, and sees the greater vision.

Temple View Capital Funding, LP (“TVC Funding”) has always been about partnerships, and as a result, we created a spinoff called TVC Funding, enabling correspondent lenders and brokers nationwide to optimize financing efficiency on real estate investment projects and rental properties for their borrowers.

Bringing industry experience and the long-term stability you’re seeking as a prospective partner is why TVC Funding is leading the way as a trusted lender.

If you’re unsure of whether you should consider becoming an approved TVC Funding partner, continue reading to learn more about why a partnership with TVC Funding is the logical next step for your business.

Unparalleled products

We offer extensive product lines meant to expand your lending portfolio, including fix and flip, DSCR Rental, bridge loans, and ground-up constructions loans. Being on the front edge of innovation with our customizable products means we can better serve our borrowers.

A true partnership

With TVC Funding, we partner with our counterparties to make sure they’re successful. Whether we’re working with you to answer loan questions, getting your loans through, or just simply providing a nuanced, strategic approach that enables you to fund more deals, we will take the journey with you side-by-side.

Moreover, you will have a designated account executive and in-house transaction managers to support you and keep your workload down.

Experience with innovation

Our partnerships evolve as we continue to roll out new products and new processes; it’s an ongoing process. Whatever new developments TVC Funding introduces, we will always be the one to train your staff on the latest so that you never have to train yourself on TVC products.

Top-tier benefits

Working with TVC Funding means relationships are built on trust, transparency, and reliability. So much so that we did not stop lending during the COVID-19 pandemic. With our superior broker protection, we offer a lucrative compensation structure and will work closely with you to find the perfect program that meets your client’s needs.

Additionally, to better help you succeed, we offer white label documents of our loan services that you can customize to your company’s brand.

TVC Funding has supported brokers and borrowers for over 14 years, and we are just getting started. Contact us to learn more about becoming an approved TVC Funding partner, or, sign up today!