Temple View is First Private Money Lender to Become Carbon Neutral

If the economic, environmental, and sociological challenges faced in the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that talking the talk means nothing if you can’t walk the walk. As a leader in the private lending sector, Temple View Capital, LLC and it affiliates (“Temple View”) is proud to prioritize building sustainable, equitable, healthy, and diverse communities through a combination of innovative real estate lending solutions and exemplary environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. As a result, we are the first private money lender to become carbon neutral and promote it as a benefit to our borrowers, partners, staff, and industry peers.

More than ever, it’s become imperative to find innovative ways to rethink how we invest in communities so that we are paving a path towards more equitable, sustainable outcomes. Investing in the environment is ultimately an investment in our home. Our pledge to go carbon neutral, and subsequent partnerships as a result of that pledge, ensures that there is a collective effort to mobilize forces and increase ambition for our investors, partners, affiliates, and managed companies.

Beyond the moral drivers, the state of world and environmental affairs has shown us that it’s essential for businesses to take action in order to continue their operations. Building resilient supply chains, mitigating financial risks, while also maintaining consumer trust only opens more doors to opportunities that drive long-term growth in the real estate investment industry, as well as beyond.

Moving capital towards climate-smart solutions is not only about short-term business goals, but about maintaining meaningful longevity. As such, we are proud to tackle the ever-changing challenge of adopting methods that address concerns regarding global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions without sacrificing the quality service our trusted partners and borrowers have come to expect from our team.

“There is an accelerating long-term shift toward sustainable investing and for us to continue to be leaders in our in our sector and leaders among our peers,” says Steven Trowern, co-founder and principal of Temple View. “We need to have proactive, progressive sustainability and green investing policies and procedures and products for our customers. It's not just about being stewards of the earth. It's actually good for business.”

Therefore, we are launching a sustainability program with the long-term societal objective of net zero GHG emissions by 2050. The initiative campaign was launched in February 2022 and will continue to be a top priority throughout the year with a big focus and push for pointed messaging on Earth Day, April 22, 2022.

To prove that are in fact walking the walk, Temple View has already partnered with industry leader, South Pole USA, Inc., to deliver near-term efficiency, value, and health for the business, investors, clients, and above all, community. South Pole has been at the forefront of decarbonization since 2006 and with its global Climate Solutions platform, it develops and implements comprehensive strategies that turn climate action into long-term business opportunities for companies, governments, and organizations around the world.

“We've made a commitment for our operations to be carbon neutral, effective in 2021,” says Michael Niccolini, co-founder and principal of Temple View. “The first step is understanding our carbon footprint and South Pole has helped us quantify that portion of our business. They've come in and given us subject matter expertise, working hand-in-hand with our staff to understand what our carbon footprint is and where can we make efforts to mitigate that.

For all the ways the COVID-19 pandemic stunted progress and brought everything to a standstill, it also inspired workplaces, including Temple View, to reconsider how business is conducted, supporting efforts to reduce carbon footprints through newly adopted practices like remote work and video conferencing. For clients working primarily with distressed properties to be flipped and be placed back on the market, we are now having more frequent—and honest—conversations about the benefits of features like solar panels and green appliances that use less electricity. The reality is that building or rehabbing more properties that incorporate environmentally friendly features is the first step to creating sustainable communities and cities. Moreover, investors will find that going the extra mile during the flipping process will result in higher resale values and better business practices.

One person making singular effort after singular can only go so far. One company or organization with countless connections can cause a ripple effect that can spread widely. With the Temple View’s Green Initiatives campaign, we are committing our expertise and leadership efforts to mobilizing a movement that is larger than us and larger than any singular project one person can tackle.

To learn more about our company, team, and ongoing work towards reaching carbon neutrality, contact us today.