Temple View Capital Strikes Second Securitization Deal of 2020

Temple View Capital (TVC) has completed its second securitization deal in the past 9 months which will continue to expand the firm’s lending capability to over $2B and present more opportunities to its clients and partners.

On August 31, 2020 TVC confirmed the completion of its second securitization transaction of 2020 (“TVC 2020-RTL2”) which included issuing $95 million unrated Mortgage-Backed Certificates (the “Certificates”) backed by a portfolio of Residential Transitional Loans (RTL) originated through TVC’s operating platform. Goldman Sachs was the sole manager and book runner.

“Striking and finalizing a second securitization deal in the year of COVID is something we are incredibly proud to achieve,” said co-Founder and Partner Michael Niccolini. “This latest deal cements the commitment we have to our clients and investors in the coming year and beyond.”

Structured as an 18-month revolving period deal, Temple View will be able to dedicate assets to the bond through April 2022, continuing to support clients through a range of expanded services in the bridge loan, DSCRand fix-and-flip marketplaces.

Completion of the TVC 2020-RTL2 transaction represents a significant milestone in TVC’s plan to finance the loans pledged to its existing warehouse lines. The prospect of striking securitization deals offers investors increased market liquidity and generally more protection by way of collateral overages and/or guarantees by entities with high and stable credit ratings. By liquidating assets, the process frees up capital for the originator and provides income for investors—a win-win for both parties.

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